Third-Parties Insurance (In Poland called OC insurance) is a type of property insurance designed for your vehicle. It is obligatory and the number of its options in the polish insurance market is enormous. This makes it possible for us to find an offer optimal for a given driver and/or vehicle. Thanks to third-parties insurance the insurance company will cover the financial consequences of the road collisions that you may cause – in case of any damage of the possessions or health of the third-party.
Comprehensive Car Insurance, in Poland called Autocasco or AC insurance, is a voluntary insurance of motor vehicles in case of its partial or total damage, theft or loss. Because it’s a type of property insurance, the comprehensive car insurance may comprise only the range of risks mentioned in the insurance agreement or include all risks apart from those numbered in it as excluded (all-risk insurance). We strongly recommend to make yourself acquainted with the exclusions in the all-risk packets that you are interested in or consulting your choice with one of our agents.
 Basic Comprehensive Car Insurances include damages of your vehicle caused by third party and animals, collisions and chance events such as fires, floods, drowning, hurricanes, lightnings or avalanches, as well as theft or attemps of robbery of the vehicle or its parts. Assistance insurance package is an extension on Comprehensive Car Insurance, thanks to which in case of a collision, failure or a robbery of the car the insurance company offers help such as organization and covering of the costs of transport of the vehicle, renting a replacement vehicle or a hotel room.