Fire, flood, hurricane, theft or accidents have a lot in common. They take a lot – of money and nerves – and you just can’t foresee them. What you can do is get prepared.
Property insurance is a possibility of securing your private possessions or the property of your company - such as buildings, objects of high value, possessions of third parties or devices – in case of some chance events. Most of insurance companies offer it with covering of the costs of cleaning after the event, together with disposal and recycling of the remains, or rescue operations. Determining the possible chance events with a professional insurance agents helps to propertly secure your possessions and choose the packet on easy terms with costs adequate to the chosen security level.
 There are many packets and options – for private people, entrepreneurs and companies, basic, extended and so-called “all-risk insurance”. It’s crucial to know that there are two basic types of property insurances – the first, based on risks mentioned in the agreement, obliges the insurance company to recompensate the damages caused only by the risks it has previously mentioned in the agreement. In case of the second one – all risk insurance – the insurer is obliged to recompensate damages caused by all chance events apart from those that the agreement names as excluded. We strongly recommend to make yourself acquainted with the exclusions in the all-risk packets that you are interested in or consulting your choice with one of our agents.